Date posted: April 22, 2021

Dear Neighbours,



We were very happy to report another very quiet period in terms of crime with no major incidents until this week, when there was a sequence of attempted break ins in adjoining properties on Katzenellenbogen and Buren Roads, between 3 and 430 am on the morning of 20 April. The combination of dogs barking and residents reacting seems to have scared the intruders away, but they did take a bicycle with them.  It’s unsure whether it was a single or multiple intruders or whether they had a car.

But this is a good time to service your alarms and test your radios!


CPNW Database

As most of you will know, we have been busy with a big project to update the CPNW database and finally, after three months of hard work, particularly by Karen MacIntyre, this has been completed with a   100% response rate. So well done and thank you to everyone! Please try to remember to notify us when you change email addresses, move out of the area, or have any change of details to your profile.  Keeping the database up to date is to everyone’s benefit.

A few things came out of the update which we would like to address:


Donations and Contributions

We found that many people had no idea that the R30 pm donations are CPNW’s only form of income and that most members of our Community are already make these monthly payments. We would like to sincerely thank all of those who have now stepped up to the plate and started donating, (and also gently nudge to those who said they would, but haven’t quite got around to it yet!), be it on an annual (R360) or monthly (R30) basis.

We would also like to take this opportunity of saying a huge thank you to all of those members who have steadfastly supported us with this initiative over the years.  Perhaps the most important use of these monies in recent years has been towards maintaining, upgrading and adding to the number of cameras that we have placed in and around our village at various vulnerable and strategic locations.

These include license plate recognition cameras which notify us each time a suspect car comes into our area, street cameras, and thermal vision cameras with analytics that allow for detection of intruders, all of which we need to keep rolling.  Ultimately we aim to have cameras in each street which can be monitored 24/7.  To this end we have set up a control room at the Noordhoek Community Centre from where these cameras can be monitored, whilst the feeds are also received by the Deep Blue Security Centre in Hout Bay for continuous monitoring.

Other things member contributions have contributed to include:

  • Equipment for our Fire, Response Team,

  • Base Stations for the controllers of our Radio Network,

  • our Website,

  • the speed bumps in our roads,

  • administrative support for our Committee,

  • support for vulnerable members of our community where there have been safety concerns,

  • and the development of our increasingly popular Community Centre.

It is not simply by luck that Chapman’s Peak is regarded as one of the safest suburbs to live in in South Africa!!

Should more of you wish to assist to protect our village with donations, whether these be the basic R30 per month or something more substantial, please set up a debit order in favour of Chapman’s Peak Neighbourhood Watch, Standard Bank, Fish Hoek 036009, Current Account number 270 364 439


Updated Erf Numbers

Another thing which came to light is that some people are unaware of the changes that have been made to their Erf and House This exercise was done by the City of Cape Town to address the old original farm Erfs which have been sub-divided quite considerably, thereby necessitating a lot of numbering changes.

Where this affects us as CPNW, is that we base our data on the City of Cape Town Map Viewer so some of you (especially Mountain Road, where the numbers were a real challenge to Karen’s sanity!!) have incorrect house numbers outside your properties.  Please look at your rates bill and ensure the number outside coincides with that, so that we, emergency services and delivery vans, who will be using Google Maps, and other information systems linked to the City’s, can find your property.

It could make all the difference in an emergency, as could having the number clearly visible at your entrance. FYI, the new erf number is just a successor of the old erf number so, at any title deed change, it will be updated with the new erf number off the Surveyor General’s plan


Ex-Tenants and Updates

We also realized that by far most of the problems on the database have arisen as a result of tenants in rental properties who have come and gone (and tend to do so at a far higher rate than owner-residents), without notifying us.

Thus, for landlords and non-residents who rent their houses out:  If a tenant signs up with us we give the non-resident owner a virtual address and cross refer you to your house. This enables you to still receive our newsletters and incident reports.  However, if the tenant leaves without notifying us, we end up contacting someone who hasn’t lived here for years.  So, please notify us when someone leaves and encourage those who come in to join CPNW! This will not only avoid confusion in an emergency, but also continue to maintain our support and growth as a community.



Lastly, as this letter is being written we are monitoring reports of the devastating fire on Table Mountain. Whilst this does not pose any immediate danger, it will not be the first large mountain fire that has ended up on our doorstep!

So now would be a good time to check your radios, ensure that the nearest fire hydrant to your house is visible and accessible, clear gutters, under garage doors and areas close to buildings of dry leaves or other flammable materials and generally consider what you might need to do in the event of a fire. Here’s hoping it will be under control soon!

Wishing everyone a safe month!

The CPNW Team.

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