Date posted: August 29, 2021

Dear Neighbours,

A huge “Thank you” to Karen MacIntyre who put this newsletter together (besides bring huge energy to the NCC and the Database Clean Up), whilst your usual scribe has been somewhat submerged under the third wave!


 Since our May newsletter we have had 2 incidents in the Chapman’s Peak area. On 27 July a group of youths were spotted wandering through the neighbourhood and were reportedly filmed removing scooters from a house in Rupert Way.

The scooters were apparently recovered in a nearby area, although we are not aware of any arrests. Should any suspicious individuals be seen in the area please do notify your Community Connector Group and the patrol vehicles.

A break-in occurred at an unoccupied house near the beach car park around the end of July but it is unclear if anything was actually stolen.  The most recent incident occurred in the early hours of 8 August in Willoughby Drive. Tools were stolen from the back of a bakkie, which was parked behind locked gates.  The tools were in a bag which could have been carried off by someone on foot.  Cameras in the area were checked but nothing untoward has been found.

The incident was reported to SAPS. A concern, raised by a CPNW member, relating to the possible sighting of an ADT Patrol Officer in the same area a few days earlier has been referred to ADT’s senior management who have assured us they will investigate and report back.


A home invasion took place in San Michel at 2pm on Thursday 12 August where a lady and children were tied up whilst the house was ransacked.  No weapons were involved.  A VW Polo was packed to the brim with items stolen from the property.

SMNW got the number of the vehicle and it was put into the Licence Plate Recognition camera system.  The vehicle has been picked up by the system but no further news available at this point.  SAPS response to the call was excellent with speedy attendance by officers and detectives.  (Remember to check that your radios are in working order!)

Better news is that on 31 July, CPNW and SMNW cameras were used to track a vehicle that had been fraudulently purchased a few weeks earlier in Wellington, onto Chapmans Peak Drive where it was successfully recovered.


We are working on installing new high tech, day/night cameras that will cover large portions of our boundaries in the near future. This project involves some costly high-tech equipment but we are confident that it will add enormously to the security of everyone in the area. It goes without saying that this project, would not even have got off the ground had it not been for those of our members who so generously contribute R30 per month into the CPNW coffers.

So, thank you to each and every one of you. We will, in all likelihood, be needing to raise additional funds in the not-too-distant future but of course are hoping to do so at a less challenging time economically.


 Having just completed a 4 month overhaul of the database to get it up to date, we are aware of a few people who have left the area and not notified us. Whilst we do appreciate that we are not on the top of anyone’s list, in the hectic scheme of moving, we would be grateful to be told as soon as possible (or on receipt of the next newsletter when you realise you no longer need to receive it!!)

Similarly, if anyone sees “SOLD” signs outside a neighbour’s house, or knows someone is moving, perhaps you could just drop us a line to see if we are aware of it? Please also speak to any new neighbours to encourage them to join so that we know who to contact should anything happen at their property!  It’s imperative that we maintain accurate information on our web site.


 Deep Blue Security have advised us that their car now has a phone with a dual sim as they sometimes struggle with Vodacom reception with. The alternate Cell C number is 074 368 7640. (The existing number is 076 269 6224).  Both their numbers can now be contacted.  If one gives problems then the other kicks in. 


 The NCC continues to go from strength to strength with clubs, groups, meetings and activity bookings increasing in number.  For those who are unaware of it, adult classes currently taking place there on a regular basis are various types of fitness, yoga, tai chi, karate, pilates, Zumba, dance, kinesiology, as well as karate and Playball classes for kids.

Should you require further information about the hall itself, please go to www.cpnw.org.za, click on “Book the Hall at the NCC” and click on the FAQ’s above the pictures of the hall.

Should you require further information on any of the activities, please drop an email to bookings@cpnw.org.za and we will try to assist.

Stay warm, stay safe, stay alert!


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