Date posted: December 22, 2020

Dear Neighbours


Thank you to those who came to our AGM! Although it was a relatively small turn out, this was not unexpected and although we did have a quorum we were also able to exercise due care in terms of Covid-19 risks and adhere to the required protocols.

For a copy of the Chairperson’s report please click here.

In terms of crime 2020 was a very quiet year with only 8 reported incidents up to the time of the AGM (and another two since then – see below), which contrast markedly with many surrounding areas where crime, has been on the rise, which is no surprise, given the prevailing economic situation.

Security Providers

As mentioned in the report, our good fortune has been due to the fact that we have had dedicated vehicles from two security companies in the area, as well as further development of our camera network thanks to our partnership with Deep Blue Security. This is however, not a situation that can last forever and sadly, we are noting an overall decrease in the number of residents who are signed up to a Security Service Provider.

Whilst we understand that many have had a tough year, we must stress that the safety of this area is highly dependent on the services of these companies and what is effectively a “free ride”, of great security without paying for a service, will not last very long if more neighbours do not come on board to share the financial load! We are proud of the fact that, through bringing Deep Blue into the area and breaking the monopoly that previously existed, we have substantially reduced rates for everyone but if more residents don’t pay for a service we will soon end up in the same situation once more! It is no doubt the case, however, that most who actually read this newsletter do have a security provider, so we need to ask all of you to also please encourage neighbours to do the same!

CPNW Committee Changes

In terms of the CPNW Committee we note the departure of Sue Montgomery and Erik Meijer, both of whom have served on the Committee for more than ten years. We are enormously grateful to you both for all the hard work! Erik has very kindly also agreed to continue to assist Karen McIntyre with the Community Centre. The rest of the Committee has agreed to stay on for the time being, as we do feel that the midst of a pandemic is not the ideal time for wholesale change but many on the Committee are feeling that we are well past our “sell by” dates, having been involved for 10 years or more.

So we are making a plea for at least 4 or 5 new volunteers to join us on the Committee in the coming year! Although the amount of hours required per month is relatively small, we are absolutely confident that CPNW has played a critical role in making this one of the most secure open-access suburbs in the country and we feel it is time that a few new members stepped up, to take this success into the future!

Latest Crime Incidents

In terms of incidents since the AGM, it would seem that an attempt by four individuals at Aegir Brewery in the Red Herring Centre on the evening of 5 November was foiled after they were seen to be acting suspiciously, although they did manage to steal a cell phone before leaving in a hurry.

We have also received a report that a motorcycle was stolen from a property in Millstone Close on the night of 18 December.

Masiphumelele Fire

We are sure everyone is aware of the awful Fire in Masiphumelele and we are grateful for all the donations that are coming in. A key part of the CPNW philosophy has been that the most important way to build our security is through the development of a stronger sense of community, and whilst this primarily applies to our own area, it is also self-evident that the less anyone in this valley is exposed to hardship and suffering, the more secure we all become. We trust also that anyone who had not already heeded our warnings to check for access to fire hydrants and to clear properties of ire hazards will now be sure to do so!

Community Centre

We are delighted that the Community Centre is really being used more and more by members of the entire Noordhoek area. With the proceeds of the very reasonable rental rates, we have been able to use replace the flooring earlier in the year and now to improve the outside lighting, renovate all of the windows and repaint the fascia boarding and to make a range of other minor repairs.

It really is looking better and better and we are enormously grateful to Karen and Erik, as well as many others for all the hard work.

Member’s Database

It has been some time since we updated our database and unfortunately we have become aware that many of those on our system are no longer in the area whilst others have moved in and not joined up. So we will be emailing everyone’s CPNW profile to them in the next month or two and we are just asking that everyone check their details and advise us if they are still correct or if any changes, additions or deletions need to be made. Please do help out by responding and by encouraging all you neighbours to register on the website!


Finally, we have become aware of a growing number of Covid cases in our community, so as much as we were all hoping that this was behind us and there is a certain sense of fatigue this time around, please do take every precaution and keep wearing those masks!

Wishing you all a pleasant Festive Season and a much better 2021!!

The CPNW Committee

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