Date posted: February 21, 2021

Dear neighbours,

Crime Update

Since our last newsletter we have seen a few incidents of opportunistic crime involving outbuildings, as well as two incidents of motorcycle/scooter theft. On 18 Dec a Sym Trail Blaze 200 motorcycle was stolen from an open Driveway in Millstone Close. The motorcycle had been secured with a chain as well as a steering lock mechanism and it may have been loaded onto a vehicle some time during the night.

We were also informed of the theft of a scooter from outside of the Aegir Brewery during the evening of 5 February. We have since been made aware that multiple such thefts have been reported in the Cape Town area with a suspected syndicate in operation. So please be very careful if you have a small motorbike or scooter!

All the other incidents we are aware of have involved perpetrators who seem to be moving about on foot and are on the lookout for opportunities involving out-buildings that are relatively easy to break into, by virtue of being out of sight or relatively poorly secured. These include a second visit to an out building in Buren Rd on 2 January with the theft of a bicycle and sewing machine, a break in attempt at the Community Centre on 18 January, a break-in to an outside office on Avondrust Mews on 26 Jan with the theft of some tools and computer equipment and an attempt to break into a gate on Leerdam Rd on 12 Febriuary. We note that the majority of these cases involve locations that are easily accessible from the wetlands and in one case that some stolen property had been located there. We are in the process of installing some additional security cameras at the Community Centre and we hope others will similarly be upgrading what they have in place.

Surrounding Areas

It is important to note however, that although the lockdown periods have been quiet for us, this has not been the case in other areas of the South Peninsula, where an armed gang has been involved in a number of home invasions. We have recently been made aware of information, from more than one source, to suggest that areas in Noordhoek may be targeted next. So if there was ever a time to consider adding outside beams or sensors to your alarm set-up, this is it. Additionally please do make sure you are on a neighbourhood group, so you can be assured that activity late at night in the house of a neighbour is indeed benign!

Security Providers

As mentioned before, we have been in the luxurious position of having two security companies, providing no less than four dedicated vehicles in our area at night, for almost a year now with two dedicated vehicles during daytime hours, as a result of our moves to welcome a second armed response service provider into our area and to recommend Deep Blue Security as a preferred choice. Our reasons for doing so, which are set out in detail on our website, revolved primarily around Deep Blue’s strengths in the use of camera and analytic technology to enhance surveillance and patrolling,  a business plan that involves services tailored to the needs of local neighbourhood watches and rates that were significantly better than what ADT was prepared to offer at the time.

As part of its initial offer Deep Blue Security provided two vehicles in the area from Day 1, optimistic that they would quickly recruit the number of residents required to cover their costs in the area, estimated to be in the region of 250. This however was followed shortly thereafter, not only by vigorous action by ADT to counter the offer, which has resulted in significant reductions in prices for armed response throughout the Peninsula, but also by the lockdown. The result has been that, now almost a year down the line DBS has to date signed up less than 60 households, They thus approached us at the start of the year to inform us that, in order to ensure their own financial sustainability, they had to revise their offer and reduce the night-time patrols to one vehicle only until they have reached the required numbers.

We are pleased to note however that they have installed their first community NW camera in Katzenellenbogen Avenue, looking out onto the wetlands, and all of our cameras are now being monitored by DBS. They are also planning to launch another very exciting security feature in the near future, with a renewed marketing campaign to go with that, so we are still very positive that they can remain established and continue to grow, in the area.

Community Centre

The Community Centre is going from strength to strength with a greater number of bookings every month and this is allowing us to fund further upgrades and improvements with most of the windows now completed we have a refurbished braai area next in our sights!

Care for the Disabled

In other news, we have been made aware of more than one resident who seems to be struggling with disabilities and we are putting together action plans to reach out to ensure their safety and to try and provide some support. In this regard we are pleased to note that the CPF have now appointed an officer to liaise on matters related to the care of the elderly, with whom we have been in touch which will hopefully ensure that those who are vulnerable have been made known to emergency services in the event that they do need assistance.

Fire Precautions

We must also remind everyone that we are entering the height of the fire season! Between the harsh winds and the hot sun, most of the vegetation around our homes is now exceptionally dry and ready to burn… So please be sure to check your hydrants, clear gutters and prune away any potentially flammable bushes and trees from around your home! For those who have raised concerns about piles of alien vegetation left by clearing teams, we are informed that the piles are necessary as it is not viable to remove the material completely from the area but that the piles are situated in a way that ensures they can burn to the ground harmlessly without causing further spread.


Finally, thank you to those who have offered to assist with some of the work we do!! We will be in touch soon with regard to particular tasks and we would love to have a few more volunteers on board. Some of us have managed to do this without too much disruption to our lives for more than a decade now! Perhaps we could all just offer one or two years?

Database Update

CPNW is doing a database update to make sure that your contact details, that we have on our website, are still current.  Please know that it is for your own benefit for us to have the correct contact details.

We are finding a lot of outdated phone numbers, non-existent email addresses and even people who no longer live here.  It doesn’t bode well if we are trying to get hold of you for some emergency at your property.  We are working through the list of 470 members from A-Z so please could we ask you to respond as quickly as possible in order for us to be able to move to the next letter.  It’s an onerous task so your assistance would be very much appreciated

Wishing you a peaceful month!

The CPNW Team

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