Warning – Crime Incidents

Date posted: November 5, 2020

Dear Neighbours,

Further to our newsletter, we received reports of a break-in in Willoughby Rd and the theft of gas bottles in Dunedin Rd, in the early hours of Friday morning, 30 October. We note that Thursday nights and Friday mornings do trend to be associated with higher levels of crime, which we suspect is due to unsavoury elements suing the activity of “bin pickers” as cover.

For this reason and in order to prevent the significant mess that is created when bins are knocked over (whether this is due to the wind, or to animal or human activity) we would encourage residents to refrain from putting bins out the night before collection and/or to invest in a bin gravity lock that prevents the lid from being opened but still allows it to be tipped into the truck. See www.binguard.co.za for details.

Home Invasions

We have also been notified of a number of recent house invasions in surrounding areas, particularly in properties adjacent to the mountain or bushy areas. So please make sure your alarms and particularly perimeter sensors are in working order and your radio is charged and on! If you do have any concerns about suspicious activity, or even noises in the night, please do alert your security company and ask that the patrol vehicle makes an inspection!

Stay safe!

The CPNW Committee

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